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Safe Journeys!

Safe Journeys: "we' got your back"

Throughout history evil predators have relied upon the isolation of their victims to carry out their horrible crimes. Our all purpose wearable WiFi Streamers can remove that vulnerability. The primary goal at crimeblock.org is to offer products that will effectively deter crime.  Identifying perpetrators pales in comparison to preventing a crime from ever happening.  Read on...


Wearable WiFi Streamers

This is the story of how our affordable wearable kits can provide all purpose crime blocking while on your body, in your car, in your home or from wherever else there's a connection!  Wearable WiFi Streamers are modded android devices. We optimize the recycled devices to be dedicated streamers which offer the best apps available for each streaming need featuring hot button activation.  Great for jogging, hiking, personal security, child safety, student safety, driver security, home security and more.  That's what we mean by all purpose crime blocking

Since Wifi Streamers only need a wifi signal to work (eg., your phone's hot spot), text, talk and data packages are not needed however, we offer member subscriptions for text, talk, data and customer service starting at $8 per month if you want to use the WiFi Streamer as a backup phone or standalone device.  For setup purposes, 1 month of text, talk and data are included in your purchase.  You may add more text, talk or data anytime.  Those rates will be posted soon.

However, if you want to use your own phone(s) for protection (iphone, android, windows, etc.) we have kits for that too!


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These are only a few of the highly recommended free streaming apps pre-loaded on WiFi Streamers.  Some of the apps offer premium subscriptions which if desired,
must be purchased directly from that 3rd party.  Hot button devices and sequence codes are provided and maintained by crimeblock.org that will activate certain apps however, sometimes the 3rd party apps sequence codes change.  No worries.  We constantly update those codes as needed via your member subscription.


WiFi Streamers

WiFi Streamers

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Our primary goal at crimeblock.org is to offer products that will effectively deter crime.  Identifying perpetrators pales in comparison to preventing a crime from ever happening.  We believe our products are highly visible (yet kool looking), state of the art crime blockers and we highly recommend that you POST WARNINGS, wherever warranted.  We all know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so please, POST THE WARNINGS!

CrimeBlock.org: Warnings!

About Us

We're a public benefit corporation

We consider ourselves "new age capitalists".  Sure, we want to grow our wealth by creating and selling unique and useful products, but we also believe in a more inclusive business model that will give customers the option to also be owners and grow with us.  We can't legally do this until after our equity crowdfunding raise scheduled for early 2018 but we can certainly discuss it as it is within our corporate charter.

We're serious about changing the game but we can't do it alone.  For years we avoided seeking money from professional investors because we didn't think (surprise us) that they would ever go for a business model that wasn't based upon greed as a priority.  The people making this happen now are just everyday people who chipped in and refused to give up on a vision they saw clearly from the beginning and now that vision will help enable truth and transparency for anyone who seeks it. 

We believe that tolerance for greed is weakening and a sharing economy is the future.  At the end of the day a fulfilling day is a day with growth potential.  A day marginalized so that others may substantially grow is not fulfilling, yet most of us are subject to these circumstances.

The Mission

We're a public benefit corporation

  Our mission as a Benefit Corporation (B Corp), is to help lead the way by example, to a more inclusive and better form of capitalism by offering a more inclusive business model.

Safe journeys!